Gotcha Day


April 27, 2019 • 12-4 pm • 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge • 60 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Gotcha Day Brooklyn 2019


Adoptology Gotcha Day is a new adoption event for dogs in New York City. A "gotcha day" adoption event, it will be held at the 1Hotel Event Center on Septemeber 8, 2018. Adjacent to Brooklyn Bridge Park, the event will celebrate Gotcha Day for dogs and owners. 

The event will be sponsored primarily by Dogology and Animal Care Centers of New York City

What will make this unique?

  • OUTFRONT Media is a supporting the event by posting out-of-home advertising throughout the city including Times Square billboards. The ad campaign will reach between 20 and 24 million people. 
  • The OOH advertising will be augmented with digital advertising on Google Ad Words and social media.
  • Milla of Real Happy Dogs will be doing photographs of the event.
  • Nationally recognized leaders in the dog community will be speaking at and attending the event.
  • Every owner who adopts a dog will receive a free virtual dog training session and a Smart Dog Box from Dogology.